Conference Production Case Studies

Regulation Choices

Regulation Choice Conference Production

This would be a good representation of our standard UK conference model, and features a 30ft set with a single central screen, two off plasma screens for relay with a bespoke top table and lectern, the equipment and crew are based backstage and the crew work remotely with monitor speakers and camera monitors so they can see and hear what is happening onstage. This can provide additional valuable space for delegates and in our opinion looks far more professional than having heaps of equipment at the back of the room piled on top of a conference table. The top table and lectern both feature LCD comfort monitors, the chairman's position would also have a traffic light system allowing him to let the speaker know when their presentation should end and the lectern features a hard wired mouse for controlling the lectern. The sound system would feature two off hand held radio mics plus a lapel mic with the addition of a CD player for walk in music, a Minidisk player for the voice over introduction, and a tape cassette player for the complimentary recording of the conference. This set up including the signage would retail at around £4000 per day plus VAT.

Investment Week Investment Trust Awards

Investment Awards Production

This award ceremony has been held in the ballroom of The Savoy Hotel for the past 4 years and is one of our favourite events to produce: the challenges of the venue are to provide a set and stage which are impactful but do not take up too much space so as to allow the maximum utilisation of the floor for tables. The event showcases our talented lighting designers, use of moving light to create a sumptuous set and this always blends in and enhances the room. One of our philosophies in awards is if  presented with a beautiful room we work with the room rather than against it to produce a stage set that looks like a moving extension of the room. This particular set was also designed to be removed quickly to reveal a band set up on stage behind the set, as well as producing the signage we also produced a flash animated intro and 3D awards slides, we provided autocue, all the music stings, voice overs and the awards hostess staff.

Venice Festival of Media

Venice Conference

The Venice Festival of Media was produced this year at Cinema de Palazzio on the Lido in Venice.  This  was an extremely challenging show not only in the complex production values and the logistics of actually getting out 15 tons of equipment onto a small island but also working in a venue with tied AV contractors, which required some delicate negotiations! The event was spread over 3 days and featured a full exhibition plus a crammed conference programme featuring some of the leading lights in the Marketing world, the main conference was held in a large cinema and we uplit the screen to blend it into the room plus used a split screen technique which allowed us to project PowerPoint presentations mixed with live camera feeds and also speaker videos, we had a full speaker ready room prep area where all the presentations were assembled and double checked and speakers were also able to rehearse in a mock up of the live stage environment. As well as producing the conference we also produced a large awards on the last night of the event in a separate venue which was very well received, the party then went one all night with one of the crew electing to stay up till dawn to VJ the extended party.